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Axel Zander

Name: Axel Zander
Function: Director
Sandboarding and anything else you can imagine, as long as it's extreme. Winner of the Sandboarding World Champs 1999.

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Name: Rory
Role: Operations Manager
Activity: Team Building , Mountain Biking, Sandboarding, Surfing

Description: Rory, originally from Gauteng is our can-do new Operations Manager. Apart from running many of our daily activities, he keeps all our equipment and vehicles in tip-top condition.



The Downhill Adventures Team

Adventures Team

Name: Barry
Role: Senior Guide
Activity: Mountain Biking and Sandboarding

Description: Barry is our most experienced guide who specialises in Mountain biking and also runs sand boarding , winelands and hiking trips. With a road and mountainbike racing background he has great knowledge about bikes and all the local trails, and is a fountain of knowledge about Cape Town and South Africa.

Interests:His interests also include yachting for fun and competitively.

Name: Lindi
Role: Office Manager
Activity: Keeping everything running smoothly

Description: Lindi is the core of the Downhill operation. She takes care of our bookings, administration, clients, and makes sure that our trips run smoothly from start to finish.

Interests: Loves to listen to music and sleep in on her days off.

Name: Yaseen
Role: Guide
Activity: Surfing and Sandboarding

Description: Yaseen is one of our most experienced surf instructors and a qualified lifeguard.

Name: Lucy
Role: Bookings & Guide
Activity: Mountain Biking, Sandboarding & Team Building.

Description: Lucy ia another one who came out as a tourist, went on one of our trips, and loved it so much she organised herself a visa and came back asking to join us. Being an ex-teacher, keen road and mountain cyclist, and with lots of snow boarding experience- she's a great outdoor adventure guide. Lucy also helps us out in the office

Interests: Doing stupidy long cycling races on a her pink carbon fibre bike, enjoying the beaches and nightlife of CT, dodging UK weather.



Name: Gareth
Role: Guide
Activity: Mountain Biking, Hiking and Sandboarding

Description: Gareth is a fully qualified mountain guide, an experienced climber and hiker. Originally from the Drakensburg region, he is our modern mountain man, and an awesome guide. His knowledge of local flora & fauna, and local history, makes him a great tour guide on our Table Mountain walks and Cape Point & Winelands tour, plus he happens to be a great biker and sandboarder!

Interests: Climbing, walking, hanging out with his girlfriend.

Name: Jerry
Role: Instructor
Activity: Surfing, Mountain Biking, Sandboarding.

Description: Jerry visited us a few years ago, and loved what we did. So he organised himself a visa, left dreary UK behind and came back to Cape Town to be a guide for us. Being from Cornwall, he's naturally a great surfer, and happens to be just as comfortable on his mountain bike which he flew over.

No his hair doesn't always stick up quite that much, but he's a laugh a minute and a highly competant instructor.

Interests: Surfing, teasing Rory, and hanging out in Long St.



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